all abandoned.

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Exploring the gun tunnel (part 2)

I return to the gun tunnel by myself to explore deeper.

22 photos in this set.

Deeper into the tunnel than before Ceiling tube dumping pure rust Ceiling tube dumping rocks Old beer can in the gravel Compound water damage Large puddle at the back of the tunnel Your mom was mom graffiti Dirty, rusted steel anchor rod Stripped away stone Spiderweb covered steel fixture Debris pile under a ceiling tube
Bret visited the gun tunnel in 1987 Steel anchor rod sticking out from wall Shane cyclops graffiti in the gun tunnel Drainage ditch on the side of the tunnel Looking up a ceiling tube 1960 brushed graffiti Cobblestone drain trench Red-brown paint on the walls Graffiti from 1960 in the tunnel Armory window access Empty men's public bathroom