all abandoned.

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EMPAC crane

So what if we didn't belong there; that crane was ours to climb as far as we knew.

44 photos in this set.

View towards the Library and main campus The VCC from the crane Voorhees Computer Center at night RPI Parking Garage at night EMPAC anchored retaining wall and foundation EMPAC foundation and retaining wall Troy, NY at night Troy, NY night skyline Troy and Watervliet at night Micro-machine truck on 8th street Troy, NY at night (again)
Close-up of Troy parking garage at night Albany skyline from Troy Albany, NY skyline seen from Troy Troy and Albany skylines Some crane motor and control components Baby crane parked on the ground Another baby crane on the ground Concrete form on the retaining wall Troy Police Headquarters The EMPAC crane crew Watch that step...
It's a doozy Ghost face self portrait Wait for it... RPI Crane Climbers Crane turntable motor Light painting from atop the crane Streaks of light on a long exposure Boom of the tower crane Geneva in the operator's seat Crane control panel Not the best shot of Geneva
The fall arrest harness works Using the harness as a swing A-LAN getting his harness swing on Dicko gets zen with the harness Dicko meditates upside down Kick it upside down Swinging upside down Last shot of the hallway harnessing EMPAC crane seen during the day RPI EMPAC crane RPI EMPAC cranes