all abandoned.

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Dimmed lights at Letchworth

Days are growing shorter, not unlike my patience.

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Reville (old hospital) building Old hospital building side entrance Lab parking only Telephone hanging suicide Explorer bee stuck in an electrical socket Squatters plastic bags? Rusted Fort Howard paper towel dispenser Peeling paint in the infirmary hallway Another hallway perspective Shattered anti-psycho glass Busted hospital elevator
Dilapidated stairwell banister Psycho hospital hallway view 3rd floor infirmary hallway Sun room in the Reville building Demolished brick wall in the old hospital A vine attempting to rotary dial Tank chains Discarded note amidst police debris Dog walker strolling through Dog walker walks away while reading 66 block cross connection panel
Steel trussed roof structure Old cable drive elevator gears Exposed patio on the 3rd floor Bathtub filled with paint chips in the old hospital Paint chips fill an old bathtub Peeling sky blue paint Peeling beige paint Painted over ungrounded light socket View from a hospital office Colorful stairwell Classroom mural with peeling paint
Chalkboard graffiti in the computer room Bukkake paintball vending machines Unoriginal graffiti near the now defunct library Hard to imagine this place was torched Some things about sex pamphlet Abandoned stop light Unusual stop ahead sign Aw kitties Indigenous kitties Kitten near a busted basement window Letchworth kitty close up
Handicapped ramp cats UE kitty exploring pipe valve UE kitty finds food Social explorer cat says hello Explorer cat with food dishes Explorer cat intuiting Explorer cat again Explorer cat closeup Explorer cat last one Canada geese in a flying V Small flock of Canada geese
Special sign for special pedestrians American Buff Goose in pond No trespassing sign