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Barberville Falls in Spring

The melting snow adds a great amount of runoff water to the falls.

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Stream beneath the snow Muddy snow stream High water line Icy slope to the waters Mist of the maid Cascading falls of Barberville Close up of falling water Barberville Falls from the base Frost bordered waterfall Rock ledge to the viewing area Block of ice by the base
Heavy mist from the falls Cotton simulation South side of the falls Turbid and tan water Do not ford the river Am I in heaven? Footprints in the snow at Barberville Falls Footprint in the snow at Barberville Falls Brown water at Barberville Falls The mystery pipe in context Top of the falls to you
Flow falling into a natural funnel Close up of the fall's funnel Posted: no drinking Frothy water fall Lone spot of snow Dirty spring water rushing over the crest The mystery pipe close-up