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2007 New York New Year

As winners always do, we celebrated New Year's with drinks, exotic food, and late night subway rides. We met strangers this night with the classic, "What's your favorite kind of shark, and why?" intro.

29 photos in this set.

Notice of hearing sign Train conductor information panel C train pulling into 145th street C train flying by 145th street Montrose Avenue L train station stairs Massive floating lightbulb in a club NYC shantytown MFC lifting the pant legs Sea restaurant, Brooklyn, NY Transparent table arm Sea restaurant bar, Brooklyn, NY
Old subway light fixture Cingular BlackBerry branding L train tunnel near Montrose Ave Do not enter or cross tracks sign L train subway tunnel Drain marker sign on steel beams Subway security camera Inside job pamphlet World Trade Center bound E-train Green signal at 14th Street station No Clearance in Niche candystripe sign
Seal of New York subway wallpaper Mosaic tile subway sign Attention drivers sign Bike Lane: Bikes Only sign 145 Street bridge closed sign AutoPatrol photo enforcement camera AutoPatrol speed enforcement camera